They Were Happy With Our Service

Ankur & Anshul Google Review

Thanks to all team members for immaculate planning and execution, during this time of unprecedented time of pandemic. We all were pretty scared first of all wedding with only 50 guests to a new place and then we both landed on the same day of the wedding ceremonies to begin. But there planning was perfect and everything went as we decided, and venue “Chokhi Dhani” also looks great after subtle décor in the evening and in day light. We did all ceremonies and everything from pundit to other was arranged, landed on time in our stipulated budget. Jaipur, Chokhi Dhani and WPR guys become part of the most precious days of our life.

Ritu Choudhary (Bride from U.K.) Google Review

All our guests and family members enjoyed the wedding (The Lalit, Delhi) and especially the Mehandi and sangeet ceremony we danced a lot all the artist arranged were great entertainers. All the team members were very good with a always smile on their face even on absurd timings also… loved that. Thanks for all the effort and easing the load for our family members.

Akshat & Apporva Tiwari Google Review

Thanks once again you did same again as was expected or same as you did in aman (elder brother) wedding no hassle for us and all our family members and friends enjoyed each and every wedding ceremony for three days welcome banquet-Mehandi, rajasthani fest sageet, and yes wedding reception. Our trust remains intact and in fact increase manifold times on you team apporva also liked a lot about all – decoration artists for entertainment and management.

Maheep, Pratik & Gorang Goyal Google Review

Guys you have done really a good work not only in executing but also in planning and shaping as per our desire. Thanks again for all and best wishes from whole goyal family for your future and best of luck for other upcoming projects see you all guys in next wedding of our family. We will recommend you guys to our friends and relatives also.

Maya (bride) & Calum (groom) Google Review

We both love the city, so beautiful and lovely people all very cooperative. Our all family members enjoyed this Indian wedding – it was my dad wish to get married on the sacred land of Rajasthan (Maya – bride) and we both just cherish these moments through our life time. Scenic and wonderful place “Venice of east – Udaipur”. WPR guys did a perfect and expected job for us – all elements were planned and scheduled perfectly – tension free wedding for us and our whole family,friends.They make our dream of colorful Indian wedding - catholic wedding in Indian style with full enjoyment …. thanks all folks……..

Ian & Chantel Google Review

We feel wonderful on land of Rajasthan – after all wedding rituals, we both feel great & that we received the real blessings of god. All colorful traditions of here are lovely and all our friends also loved and enjoyed it .It was the dream of both of us to get wedded as per all Indian customs – and we did it and will cherish all through our life. All the arrangements were really nice, no hassle to us and we and our friends just enjoy it and everything was way above our expectations. We wish to come again and enjoy our anniversary on this colorful land of customs & folk. Thanks to WPR team for all their patience ,support ,creating this life time moments for us and specially making us colorful soaked in the Rajasthan tradition…..

Akshat & Raveena Alila Fort

Both of them organized our wedding flawlessly and there suggestion of Alila fort was also wonderful. All the wedding rituals and celebrations at the backdrop of mammoth fort “Alila” was awesome, aesthetic part of the all ceremonies was executed as discussed and rest all activities i.e. artists,entertainment,coordinaton with hotel persons everything was perfect. The guests were all praises for the arrangements and decoration. All you have to do is enjoy and cherish the memorable days of your life while they take care of all chores.

Shivam & Shreena Buena Vista

We all love the city – “Pink City”, great culture of hospitality and warm welcome of all guests, our all guests love the city and cuisine. Our all family members and friends loved the wedding; WPR team did the splendid job in planning and execution of all wedding ceremonies .Especially all the wishes of my, mother and all family members were taken care of – loved there approach of never say no. Father was very anxious in beginning, but everything happened as planned in all ceremonies spread for three days, there hospitality team also take care of all guests requirements. At the end! Lovely and most memorable days of my life, we all enjoyed al lot. Thanks to Nikhil and Anupam especially.

Gupta Family (Groom Side) & Kulwal Family (Bride Side) Stardom Resort

We did our event decoration and planning with the team, and I must say it was truly the best decision to go ahead with them! Right from pre planning the logistics to executing the entire event to our preference- their work is not just detailed oriented but also of great quality. Faced 0 hassles with them during our two day wedding event at 19-20th Jan’ 2024. Thanks a lot for making it successful! Bride review The arrangements were good. Special thanks for executing everything as per our requirements. Groom mother Excellent Wedding location, Good planner and best execution. Overall wonderful experience. Bride Father My Best decision to assign them my wedding arrangements .amazing team and on time execution Groom Very good arrangements Groom father

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