Exotic Indian weddings

Indian marriages are popular for their gleaming array of colours, traditions and cultures that make it some of the most fun marriages in the world. It is no wonder that couples from around the world consider royal land of Rajasthan as a fascinating place for the perfect Indian Wedding, as one of the top competitors on their marriage wish list. When you are looking to enjoy your marriage with a different array of beautiful traditions, enjoyment options and of course the fantastic Indian sunshine, this is the place for you.

In the age of globalization and industrialization of tourism and leisure industry, India offers a variety of unique wedding venues under its list. Wedding is the most unforgettable occasion and experience for any couple and through our skills we can organize your dream wedding in many of our places, from wonderful palaces from Jodhpur, wonderful mansions at Jaipur, Lake Resort at Udaipur or at Sun dunes at Jaisalmer. The choices are restricted only by your imagination!

Traditional Indian weddings are nothing short of a festival, filled with celebrations and colours. The marriage ceremonies are a blended mix of religious rituals, values, traditions and family. With colourful representations of our culture throughout the wedding, it is no wonder that other parts of the world find Indian weddings larger-than-life and are fascinated enough to incorporate elements of it in their weddings. Rich hues of reds, golden, oranges and greens with rich array of embroidery, zari work can make any wedding look regal and our religious traditions embody spirituality and mysticism for everyone coming from all parts of world. With family being central to everything we do including our wedding, it is truly an inspiration to everyone.

Indian cultures like the baraat are great part of wedding as well. Actually you can even opt for a large royal procession Baarat (groom’s marriage procession) with decorated elephants, horse, camel & baghi in tow! Want to say your marriage wedding vows in real exoticism of impressive proportions? Get wedded in an amazing structure in the desert! A fascinating Indian marriage allows you to reproduce the things films are made of in real techno-coloured Indian design of course! It can be as unique as you like, whether you are hosting a large number of visitors or just a romantic event with you and your love.

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