Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding that is held in a setting away from your hometown. Oftentimes a destination wedding and the subsequent honeymoon are celebrated at the same resort venue. What’s a destination wedding like? Picture yourselves in a warm, luxurious atmosphere with happy friends and family toasting the two of you after recuperating from travel time. Music plays and a feast of fine food await.

Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

An opportunity for a couple to hold a wedding in a romantic location without spending a fortune, a destination wedding removes many of the stresses of planning a regular wedding. Every wedding detail can be arranged at a resort destination to suit your taste from afar. After the wedding ceremony, the celebration can last for hours or even days, with meals and outings arranged for you and your guests.

Where to Have a Destination Wedding

Anywhere you want.

While some couples choose to get married in a royal way and some in beach resorts of Goa or Kerala. Weddings Planner Rajasthan help you host destination weddings and can provide a turnkey affair, providing everything from the setting to the officiate and an altar, flowers and cake, music and photography services.

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