Wedding Planning Checklist- Starts before 1 year

001Your wedding proposal has taken place. Or your matchmaking has been arranged. Both you and your spouse have made a unified decision to take the next big step in life together. What will be your next course of action? Planning your wedding of course. And that’s where our Indian Wedding Planning Checklist will come in handy, and be your ultimate partner in ensuring a grand fiesta wedding is organized.
Yes, your wedding will be the first major responsibility which you and your spouse will undertake, be it with or without the help of your family and friends. The wedding venue needs to be reserved. The wedding caterer needs to be decided. Wedding photographers may need to be pre-booked months before your actual wedding. Wedding banquet chairs, tables and covers need to be rented. And the list goes on and on…
The sheer number of items alone to prepare for a wedding event may make you feel worried or uncomfortable and cause you to have thoughts that you may lose control over the state of your own wedding. Even before you begin, you may already think of the unimaginable, and fear the shame that may arise from a badly organized event.
Fret not, as we at Wedding Planner Rajasthan have compiled an Indian Wedding Planning Checklist to assist you with all your wedding preparations. The list of wedding preparation items below has been constructed chronologically to ensure sufficient time is allocated for each event item. Therefore you should have enough time for sourcing ideas, contacting your wedding service vendors, detailed discussion with your service providers and finally confirming your vendor options.
Although our Indian Wedding Planning Checklist was formulated based on a minimum one year preparation period, you can use this checklist for shorter or longer wedding preparation durations, with some smart modifications of the checklist.
For our readers who have very short preparation periods, we advise either of the following alternatives:
  1. Create an aggressive “catch-up” plan on wedding preparation items for the durations you have missed OR
  2. Hire a wedding planner like Wedding Planner Rajasthan, and you are all set to go!

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