Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget !

Setting & keeping your wedding budget feels like a big hurdle but it doesn’t have to be. This is your one special day you have been planning for years now so you don’t want any interruptions or issues right? 
Weddings are expensive : We get it , but still there are money savers from wedding decorations to venue selection and at each & every step.

Check out our favorite tips to plan a wedding on a budget with ease:

1. Choose your venue very wisely. Look for a venue where you can perform both wedding ceremony and reception. This will not only cut the venue cost but additional cost like transportation, vendors cost etc.

2. Don’t choose weekends especially Saturdays will cost you more than any other days of the week.

3.Shorten the guest list or choose destination wedding. Destination weddings minimize 20% as compared with the traditional home town celebrations as it minimize your guest list and thus the overall expenses.

4. Get a clear cost estimate of the food. Food is the essential part of any wedding ceremony so a well estimated cost on buffets or plated meals can help you to a large extent to cut of the expenses. Sometimes vendors charge more for a buffet because they’re making more food then required.  Additionally, you can also choose from caterers who offers special cut off for children. 

5.Make your invitation more creative by opting for a wedding website or just go for simple cards with less cuts.
It is proved that simple black ink in the wedding card cut off the wedding expenses as compared to the colored one’s.

So, revise these simple cost efficient tips the next time you are preparing yourself for any wedding; especially on your own wedding.

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