Pre-Wedding Shoot- A must have if you are tying knot

Wedding is the most awaited moment for a couple who wanted to spend their life together, a day of fairy tales coming true, and an event where couples are the lead actor and actress. During this time we started living in a dreamland & planning a lot many things for the most important day of our life. When we started thinking about the wedding the first thing clicked in the mind is PHOTOGRAPHY.

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Why pre wedding shoot is necessary?

Everyone demands a picture perfect wedding now a day’s & for that couple needs to spend their time with the wedding photographer so that they can get best results. Couples may have a great opportunity to know more about the wedding photographer personality and style through the Pre-Wedding shoot. To know more about you as a couple, you’re character, chemistry between you as a couple, your living standards & style photographer needs it too, as this is a great way to create everlasting memories.

Pre wedding shoot should be fun, flirty & full of cutesy details. And to execute it in a perfect style you need to plan certain thing which is important for the pre wedding photo shoot.

  1. Perfect Idea/Story/ Theme:
  2. Location
  3. Outfits
  4. Props
  5. Style

People come up with new and innovative ideas or trends for their pre wedding shoot. Now a day’s Miniature photography is very popular in this market. Just need to shrinking down the couple to miniature size portraits and offsetting that with some prop or the other which looks gigantic next to them. You could try just about anything.

You can plan your pre wedding photo shoot according to your choice. There are also some pre defined styles available for the pre wedding shoot such as:

  • Traditional style
  • Glamorous style
  • Casual style
  • Indigenous style
  • Thematic style

These kinds of photographs can be also used for visual presentation, wedding invitation & on standees. Make your pre wedding shoot interesting, funny and cutesy with your own creative ideas and enjoy your special day with these eternal mesmerising memories.

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Happy Wedding!

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