“4 Unforgetable Moments in your Wedding”

Wedding is the best movements of your life.  In india there are different different culture according to it wedding is also organized according to their culture.
“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”

4 unforgettable movements  in wedding –

Engagement – 14294033643_2093a67c02_b

Engagement is just like as “promise to marry”. engagement. couple is promise to each other that we love each other and we marry as soon as. This is an first movement of your marriage life that you can’t forget.

Mehndi – 

This is  an another traditional in indian wedding that we called “Mehndi” pre wedding ceremony . according indian wedding. Mostaly bride can’t forget this movements she takes mehndi for her husband.

Phere – 

According to Indian wedding phere is an most important  tradition in Hindu wedding. Seven phere in wedding and in each phere they promise to each other that we’ll never leave to each other. This is the best movement for all wedding’s members.

Farewell (vidai) – 


Everyone dreams of getting married someday to someone . This means that after the seven pheras she takes place. During the vidai ceremony the bride is accompanied by her parents and associates, which lead her outside the doorstep of the house.

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